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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  August 6, 2017 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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can you imagine trying to close caption jonas.. >> president trump is a lazy boy. a fan of mine and doesn't much had that. i am no apologist for him. but the newsweek cover it's kind of crossing the line. calling him lazy. this president has said that he barely sleeps citing a more executive orders of the previous presidents.
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the twit toilet was the latest to do so. 209,000 more ended in the latest month. they make up more than a million. in the list goes on. there were a lot of ways and messed in metrics to judge presidents. if that's the only one for which you see. then you're not really playing the fair game. what do you make of all of this. along with daniel mcglocklin. there up this week. what did you make of that. there is a lot of things you can call this president. maybe don't like his politics. you cannot cause -- call him lazy.
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to go with the business community every day. if you're lazy. i think newsweek has it all run. perhaps the reason we don't have more to show for this president is because of congress. maybe the cover should be congress is a lazy one. i'm the first to say his relationship building is not the best. poor form and all that. they would equate them at being beta failure six months in. if the how that to be a standard. ronald reagan would've never gotten reelected. lincoln would have been judged differently. just be careful. jimmy carter did a lot of wheel spinning. i don't think donald trump has been particularly effective at decisively. he is just not done a good
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job. we can also criticize him on stupid diversions like going after jeff sessions and some of the other stuff. the lazy part is obviously wrong. he sleeps very little is a ton of energy. i think newsweek has been very lazy here. it is comedic late lazy. like everyone on the panel has said you can go after the president for a number of things but i do think that he has asked tremendous work ethic and an enormous amount of energy and he's also shown with a general kelly that he is open to course correction when things aren't going right. and instead of looking at the kelly employment you could see
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it as kind of a reset from a holdover with his business side. it wasn't necessarily working. i just think that i know newsweek is not represented. but one cheap shot after another. the trump approach is the approach. it ends there also. sitting in front of the television. you're one of the classier people i know. do you find that. i think they probably did overreach. i know kennedy wouldn't agree with me on that one. he is doing business on the golf course.
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he has done some things. it was literally picking a list. he has done two great things legislatively. derek is anybody surprised about this go back a few years with newsweek they went way left a long time ago the right gets credit for nothing. blamed for anything. i think it is on the steroids. i have seen similar types of things that count for journalism. they would call it in the carpet. you would get buried.
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and let me just say this. the stock market is up to four and half a trillion dollars and i guarantee you if the markets were up 10% in the next month he got no credit for the upside. it will be called the trump dump if we go to the downside. there is a business reason why you see covers like this. you see them go so far to the left. the country is very divided. as much as they claim that fox news portrays the right. and we get our demo and we get to sell our advertising to that audience. the left is got so far left. a lot of people that heat donald trump. you will see much more of this. the ratings have gone up whether you are republican or democrat you have to admit the agenda has not moved forward. despite the fact that the president has tried to advance it. you can't blame him and that
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he hasn't done anything he has contributed some of this. your view of this article is what? they know people don't buy magazines anymore. unless you're at the wall street journal. their dream ever they're doing whatever they can to get a little bit of this attention. and wasn't rolling stone the one that put that. it was sort of glamorizing it. it is the point. it is the only place they can go. if you want to say that the president is narcissistic. those things are true and he does have a long way to go in working with congress in order to get his agenda passed. look at what is happening here. were talking about newsweek's cover.
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this has taken at face value. they have the media portrayal of truck. there are three 24 hour news stations. with time to get into all of this. newsweek is extreme. it was a focus on only the bad. that is not fair or balance. this is more. mixed segment. it is probably a bridge too far. some of them do. it leads to consumerism. there are a lot of really
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unhappy people out there. they are pod. let's be clear. donald trump did not win the popular vote. my point with this guy is he is touting the same thing. is it your sense that we just don't balance it out. not a fan of the show or me. my point is you have to be fair to the guy. if to be looking at the good and the bad. i thought it have to do with my waist. we had time to get in everything and few do and that bothers me. we need to get together here and have a little bit of support.
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maybe they should've said he's crazy rather than lazy. that really speaks to the idea that we have this divide. they are just trying to sell papers and that's not doing anything to create that. they went the lazy route. they are blaming trump for the obama care feelings. the day before the migration they were using the word impeachment. you have to remember there is an agenda being driven. but also choice invests. the ratings part of it. i just turn the channel. they were calling in the show. that is the irony of the whole thing. we could go on and on with
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mark zuckerberg just tired of top democratic pollster this is he continues the so-called listening door. he thinks he's planning a presidential run. i think starbucks may be a mark cuban they have seen that donald trump one never good
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chance unable out more money than donald trump. i think you will see an absolute free-for-all with a lot of names we have heard i think there's very different about trump. maybe cuban has. i think he is like that. so in 1999. i don't think anybody is thinking that this happened.
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i am always scared with zuckerberg. that facebook that controls so much of the media and anyways. what type of news stories are circulated. there has been a whole controversy about that. there is a liberal bias there. i'd like will take that company. it controls so much of what we consume they will make a left wing tilt on it. i'm not so concerned about him wanting for office. i've known donald trump forever. he always had that charisma way back when. you could also argue that the low poll ratings that he might have doomed it for outsiders.
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you see it like people like james what's up. they don't care if people don't like them. that are wildly unpopular because it resonates so loudly with the other half. i don't see mark zuckerberg doing that. he was worried about reputational damage. i think they have that. it might not be there. it could be a lot. that could actually hurt democrats. we are all chasing the same price. that could hurt them. there's there is too much money in politics. at the end of the day i would
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sleep number store. the left is not okay with the doj. they are using the illegal aliens. credits are saying it's inaccurate. some of the ones that i did that. the migration that sort of thing. you see illegal is illegal is illegal. the left uses it really well. they demonize language to try to get a political aim through. to expand the roles of democratic voters. if you have to call an illegal alien and un- documented immigrant they should come in
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here and even if it's illegal. that's what they do. are they illegal to you. they are a violation of the immigration. it's not criminal. is not a crime. it's not a crime. they are vastly different levels. they do because it's completely broken. what you think of that. when we ask the people that
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came here legally because you keep disrespecting these people that spend their time, their toil in their sweat is amazing to me that nobody can see through that we can even get past the term because of the roadblocks. but real immigration reform. who cares about the terminology. they get so stuck on terms that they care about. the left cares about it because they want to demonize anybody that wants to have some control over that. there undocumented that is better. i can think sme that came through the league though immigration system.
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the best is haagen-dazs ice cream and cheerios, two things i can't live without. >> i like the food, what do you think about the stock? >> i think there's going to be food deflation going forward that's going to hurt margins. i don't like the idea. >> david asman on next. >> to be a prosperous nation, it's also critical that we lower the crushing tax burden on our workers and on our businesses. the united states has the highest tax rate on business anywhere in the world and we want to bring it down to one of the lowest because we want more growth, more jobs, and higher pay and that's what's going to happ happen. david: president trump making his case this week again for tax reform. this, as senate democrats also